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Zimbabwe's rich soils and sunny weather are well known the world over for their quality tobacco. We have very strong ties with Zimbabwe’s top grade tobacco processors. Our job is to make sure you get the best quality product for your business, and ensure a lifetime of continuous business through our dependability, trustworthy and first class service.

Kleinridge Consultancy finds a match between the European market's expectations and the Tobacco of our Zimbabwean and Americas Processors.

Tobacco Buyers

In Europe we seek to build long lasting relations based on trust by meeting the buyers requirements, providing first class service. We facilitate transactions by bringing the European clients and our African and Americas suppliers together in successful arrangements that turn to long-term business associations in which all stakeholders benefit.

Tobacco Processors

In Africa, we secure tobacco export markets thereby building economies in developing countries. Africa is rich in natural resources, so we help in promoting businesses grow by offering competitive prices for these resources. By so doing we are empowering organisations and individuals alike economically. By having a background in the African market we are best qualified in knowing how to deal with the suppliers.

We are passionate about linking up as many European Tobacco Manufaturers with African and Americas Tobacco Processors.