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Green Leaf Tobacco

In Zimbabwe green leaf is on the auction tables beginning of May and will be ready for sale after processing from mid June onwards. Feel free to
contact us and let us know of your wishes.

Flue-cured Virginia Tobacco

 We deliver in different  forms eg:
-battered straight layed
-battered loose leaf 

This tobacco is also known as 'bright tobacco' because the heat-drying process gives the leaves a bright, golden colour. Originally from the south-eastern U.S. state of the same name, it is today the most grown tobacco variety in the world.

 Flue-cured tobacco is dried in a closed building with furnace driven heat directed from flues or pipes that extend from a furnace into the barn. The temperature of the furnace is gradually raised until the leaves and stems are completely dried. Flue-curing takes about a week and fixes the natural sugar of the leaf, which has a high sugar and a medium-to-high nicotine content.

Flue-cured virginia is currently available in different grades and forms and we are happy to receive your orders.